Eric Douglas

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I want to thank many people who helped make this album possible: First, Chief Musical Collaborator (CMC) Tommy Dunbar. His musicianship and artistry shine on this album. Also to the people who inspire the songs: Susanna, Kate, Charlotte, Abby, James, Alex, Alice, Sam, Margo, Lulu, John, Julie, Joe, Penelope, Jonathan, Will, Peter, Charlie, Tom, Shaw, Karin, Tamara and many others.

I write most of my songs while I’m walking. Usually I’m in a park or along the American River or beneath the tall trees of Sacramento. I’ll be thinking about something, or feeling something, and suddenly a whiff of a new song will come, a musical phrase, a catchy line, a hook of some kind.

And then, through some sort of alchemy, the song will emerge, and I’ll quickly record it on my phone before it slips away. Then it’s back to the studio to polish it, to try to take it somewhere interesting. All of the songs on this album came to life that way.

I hope you enjoy.

-Eric Douglas

March 2023