What Kind of Man?

Ben takes a strong stand condemning Donny’s actions and behaviors. His supporters, including Kay, surround him and add their voices to his.

All About Me

Donny is growing increasingly paranoid and agitated. He marches through the hallways of the White House, followed by Regina and aides, singing “it’s all about me.”

Where Are the Heroes?

Kay sings this song to Ben, asking if he’s ready to challenge Donny and enter the race for president. Behind her is a gallery of great political figures in American history.

What You Gonna Do About Me?

Donny defiantly boasts about the fact that he has stirred up deep hatred and division in America. He challenges the nation to deal with him.

Set Things Right

Ben has made the decision to run against Donny. At a campaign rally, he describes the “nightmare” the country faces and what he plans to do about it.

Better Days

Donny stuns Regina and other aides by announcing that he no longer wants the job of president.

Long Way Home

At a series of rallies,  we see crowds of joyous citizens supporting Ben in hoping for a new day. His campaign grows larger every day.

The Storm Finale

Citizens proclaim that the country is at a turning point. Ben and the entire company join in singing “it’s all on the line.”