What Kind of Man?

Joe is the former vice president. He takes a strong stand condemning Donald’s actions and behaviors. A small group of supporters, including Kamala, surround him.

All About Me

Donald is increasingly paranoid and worried about his image. He marches through the hallways of the White House, followed by Kellyanne and aides, tweeting various conspiracy theories.

Where Are the Heroes?

Kamala addresses Joe and asks if he’s ready to run for president. Behind her stands a gallery of great political figures in American history.

What You Gonna Do About Me?

Donald and his aides are in the Oval Office. He acknowledges that he has intentionally stirred up deep resentments and challenges the nation to deal with him.

Set Things Right

Joe is running for president. At a series of campaign rallies, he sings about his vision for America.

Better Days

Joe is elected president, but Donald says the vote was stolen. He tells his supporters to storm the gates of the Capitol.

Long Way Home

At a celebration rally, Joe and Kamala greet their supporters. Joe underscores the importance of people coming together.

The Storm Finale

Even though a new administration is in place, the country is still at a turning point. Joe, Kamala, and their supporters proclaim: “It’s all on the line” as the musical ends.