Self-Made Man

Donald, a presidential candidate, is in penthouse with his family. Staring at a picture of his father on the wall and then at a full-scale mirror, he declares that he’s ready to run for president.

Vote For Me

Donald appears at a series of campaign rallies, urging people to support his candidacy.

He’s the One We Want – Votes Are In

As the rallies become increasingly raucous, Donald’s supporters enthusiastically declare their allegiance to the candidate. The action shifts to election night and Donald’s unexpected victory. Kellyanne and his supporters celebrate and dance around the president-elect, carrying signs and flags.

Who Let the Devil In?

Ben, a journalist and observer of presidential politics, ponders the unexpected turn of events and wonders about the hidden forces behind Donald’s election.

It’ll Be Okay

The scene shifts to the Oval Office, where the new president is celebrating with his senior advisor, Kellyanne, and other aides. They prepare for Donald’s initial meeting with the press. The scene ends as they walk downstairs into the Rose Garden.

Crazy Town

Ordinary citizens try to understand the unexpected turn of events while going about their day-to-day lives.


Donald is at his Florida resort, which resembles a Cuban nightclub. He’s plotting with Kellyanne and other aides about the ways he’s going to get even.

The Storm

Various citizens express their growing realization that America’s future is on the line.

What’s Happening Here?

Ben reflects on what’s happening in the White House and wonders why Donald’s supporters are drawn to his divisive brand of political leadership.